EL Genee 5 000 Off Grid


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– 4 x 150Watt Solar panels
– Upgradeable to 1000W panels
– Plug and play Assembly
– 2 x 100/120 amph batteries deep cycle
– 5000W AC PSW output power unit
– MPPT Contoller charge Unit
– Extractor fans x 2
– 2x Locks and handles
– Glass door & steel door
– 10m solar panel cable extension
– Upgradeable unit
– Portable / Mobile
– 12v DC
– 220v AC
– Plug and play Solar
– 3 x USB ports (1.2/2.1
– 12v equipment connection
– Easy to use Screen display
– 3 x Battery voltmeter LED display
– fully user friendly
– unit can accomodate 4 x battery packs.
– Unit can be connected to the house DB by a registered professional.


– This is an optional 12V/24V designed system.
– Battery bank can supply 12/24V output.
– The unit will provide safe and stable 220AC Pure Sine Wave power to your eqipment.

–  Keep dry, no rain.
– Not to be used outside the home or office.
– Keep it in a cool environment (0° to 40°C) and well ventilated.
– The unit will be completely assembled accept the battery bank as this will be safer to transport.

–  All ON buttons must be OFF when not in use.
–  Please confirm that the equipment that you would like to power is suitable for the output of this unit.
– plug the unit you wish to operate into the sockets and switch on with corresponding voltage.


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